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The Freedom From Anxiety DVD

       Will Change Your Life Today

Worry is ALWAYS about the future. But you cannot control the future–just as you cannot control the actions or feelings of others.  You are in charge of what you do NOW–in the present–the here and now.
A  basic CBT (Cognitive Behavioral Technique) is to learn how to live in the present. You can learn to:
  • Stop worrying about your exam-and start studying.
  • Stop panicking about your kids-and organize an outing with your children.
  • Stop distrusting your spouse-and compliment him about what he is doing well right now.
  • Stop planning a political maneuver at work-and put in extra effort in your job, today.
When you start operating in the present–and deal with reality—what is—instead of what if-–you will take back control of your life.
This is only one of the techniques you will learn when you purchase the FREEDOM FROM ANXIETYTM online DVD.
You will learn seven transformative life-changing techniques that will help you manage stress, nervousness, worry and panic.
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This program has changed our lives. - Cindy D. El Paso, Texas