Finding Your Soul State: An Approach To Defeating Anxiety

Defeat Anxiety In No Time With These Techniques

The appreciation of your “self” leads to a holistic wholeness and inner tranquility. This is known as your Soul State. This is your state of homeostasis – a state of equilibrium and inner contentment. I call it the Soul State because it is the state of being which is aligned with your higher self.

You can put yourself into your Soul State by experiencing your finest attribute. You can access this state by first imagining a beautiful landscape or place that you find relaxing and rejuvenating. It may be the Grand Canyon, the beach or a sunset. Go to that place in your mind and describe the landscape to yourself with all its colors, sounds and scents. Feel the place. Experience the sense of calm and relaxation that you feel in this place. Now, realize that the reason you have this feeling of calm which arises when you go to this place of external beauty is because it merely reflects the Grand Canyon, the beach or the sunset, that resides in your inner self. Search your mind, psyche and soul and find the warmest, most sensitive and relaxed part of yourself. That is the Grand Canyon, beach or sunset within you.
This feeling of wholeness and wholesomeness inside your psyche is there because the Grand Canyon inside you – which means your highest and best sense of inner calm – represents and actually is an awareness and consciousness of your highest and best attribute. When you are at the Grand Canyon or experiencing the stunning sunset, you feel one with the world.
On a deeper level, the real reason you feel whole is because the Grand Canyon or the sunset is triggering and awakening a deeper part of your self – your best and highest attribute.
WE feel calm and expansive when we see a beautiful place because it mirrors your own beautiful place, inside. When we focus and contemplate this place-the place where our best attributes reside – the core of our real selves – then we experience calm. This is the real you. Now you can feel good about yourself – because you now have an awareness of true value within yourself.
That part of you which is your highest and best attribute – is the real part of you. These attributes are:
-Never giving up
-Power and Leadership
-Graciousness, Empathy, Sincerity
-Patience, Mellowness
-Creativity with ideas, music, art
-Forgiving nature

When you contemplate, recognize and activate that attribute – the real part of your “self”, then you are truly alive – and that is why you feel inner tranquility When you are in this state of being nothing can throw you off track-because you are connected with truth – you know the truth. You don’t believe it to be true – you know it is true.

In this state of being, doubts and “thinking” are irrelevant. Thoughts are merely electrical impulses from the brain – they are not “real.” Sometimes you have positive thoughts which lead to good feeling, good mood and positive sensations in your body. Sometimes we have anxious thoughts, which lead to tense feelings, a depressed mood and stress in your body. Thoughts fluctuate and cause our moods to fluctuate. These thoughts are part of the world of fantasy – they are not real.

The way to avoid the mood swings brought on by fluctuating anxious thoughts is to leave your head space – leave your thoughts – and go to your Soul State. There, no thoughts are relevant-because you are connected to truth itself – to your true self. No anxiety resides there. As you begin to practice this, you begin to defeat anxiety.

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