Secret #1


A major reason we find ourselves unhappy is that we think about all the tough and negative stuff going on in our lives. It is understandable because the tough stuff gets our negative emotions going and they fill up our bodies and minds with emotional pain. The best way to get rid of this emotional pain is to think positively. Just like that? Yes. Thinking about the good stuff in your life is a matter of CHOICE. You can choose to focus and think about the bad or the good. So start choosing right!

Think about the stuff that you usually take for granted-and start appreciating the little things that are going right. Appreciate your eyesight and the colors you see, appreciate your legs and your ability to walk, your clothing, your meals, your warm apartment, the people in your family-smile at them. Make a list right now and review it every night-it will change your life!

Think about your positive experiences-even the small ones: A friend called to say hello-someone was thinking of you. You finished a project -you can finish the things you start! Start thinking positive-about yourself.

At the dinner table ask the members of your family to tell everyone one good thing that happened today. It will create a positive atmosphere.

Keep a scrapbook of photos of happy times and ticket stubs of places you’ve been. When you flip through the scrapbook allow yourself to SMILE.

Happiness cannot depend on getting some new clothing, or getting thin, or when your hair looks good or when you graduate…all this stuff is external-it’s OUTSIDE OF YOU. Happiness depends on what’s inside of you-by enjoying what you do have-now!