Secret #3

You can attain inner tranquility and inner serenity by controlling the amount of worrying you do.

WORRYING IS A MATTER OF CHOICE. If you are “A WORRIER” this is because you have CHOSEN AND LEARNED to think worrying thoughts and all the bad stuff that might happen. This pattern of thinking can be unlearned and replaced with positive thoughts and positive outcomes IF YOU ALLOW YOURSELF TO CHOOSE TO THINK POSITIVELY.

Worrying about what “may happen” is a bad habit. No, you are not genetically or hard wired to be a worrier. You have learned a pattern of thinking. It’s time to change it. Now! Worrying thoughts do not just “pop into your mind” from nowhere. You are choosing to put those negative thoughts there.

When you play out in your mind all the bad stuff that could happen you are actually imagining yourself failing and you are actually putting yourself in the “video tape” in your mind and you see yourself failing-right before your eyes. That is why your body actually starts to feel tense, you feel sweaty, your heart races and your breathing becomes constricted… because it is actually “happening” in the video tape in your mind.

You can learn to REPLACE YOUR worry “video tapes” with positive and pleasant outcome video tapes and imagine and see yourself in the positive video tape… succeeding. This is like the POWER OF SUGGESTION. You will feel happy, more upbeat and will feel physically motivated to succeed.

IF YOU see yourself in your mind’s video tape succeeding then you will actually see with your own eyes the steps you need to take to succeed. When you see yourself giving a successful speech pay attention to what you are doing in the mind video:
YOU ARE standing straight, speaking clearly and projecting your voice, using intonation, humor and a story.
The mind video tape-will help you rehearse and practice getting it right.

The healthy way to deal with a worrying thought that pops into your head is to think the thought for only 3 seconds and then TAKE ACTION. Don’t allow your mind to convince you to keep thinking about the scary stuff that MIGHT HAPPEN. It won’t help. DO NOT waste more energy on worrying about the issue or concern. Use the “worry thought” as a WAKE UP CALL and a CALL TO ACTION to do something PRACTICAL AND CONSTRUCTIVE about the situation. If you are worrying about a test you have coming up then do what you have to do to prepare for the test….STUDY! If you are worried about money needs then think of some proper and legal ways to bring in some income…look for a job or borrow the money.

If you find your thoughts overwhelming you then learn the skill of calming and controlling your thoughts. Here’s the technique: Find a quiet spot, lie down, close your eyes, breathe deeply 10 times and then think of one pleasant thought or a particular word and say the word over and over again for three minutes. Gently push aside other thoughts. Do this exercise once or twice a day and you will soon learn to control your thoughts rather than allow your thoughts to control you.