Secret #4

I will enjoy the small daily steps I take toward my goal –it’s a process.

We live in a very “result oriented” society. “What did you get on the exam? How much money do you make? What happened with Joe?”
All these questions emphasize results and the bottom line without focusing on the process of how you got there.

Yet how many “result moments” are there in life? There is graduation from school, the closing of a business deal, the birth of a child, and your paycheck, among other major life “result” moments. But what about the learning process that went into your studies, the love shown to the mother of the baby while she was pregnant, the hard work that went into making the business deal happen and the creative work you did to earn your paycheck?
These are the “process” times that lead to the result moments. They are much longer and more extensive than the result moments. If we focus only on the end product and wait only for these “major” moments to find happiness-we are going to missing out on the process of life.

The goal then is to refocus your attention on the process of your relationships and the projects you are involved in-as they are happening. Be aware and conscious of the sights and sounds along your walk or drive to work. Appreciate the small things that happen at work and that you can be active and creative. Watch for and be grateful for the “small private” moments that happen at home between you and your significant other. Appreciate these moments. These process moments are the real stuff that life is made of.

Getting to a goal takes many steps. Make the steps part of your mind set and part of your goal-to enjoy getting there-that’s half the fun. You can make shopping with the family a fun, learning experience-not just a chore that needs to get done. You can make homework time an opportunity to talk with and bond with your children and to get to know what’s on your child’s mind. You can make down time into family time-by getting down on the floor and playing a board game, plant a lima bean or work on a scrapbook. Make the moments and small steps of daily living into the goal itself. Live in the moment of the daily steps. Think to yourself: what I am doing right now and the person I am with right now-this is the most important thing I can be doing with my life right now.