Secret #5

Up and down moods are part of life-but you can learn to manage your mood swings so that they don’t take you on a roller coaster of emotions.  

Your negative moods can make you think with a negative script so that everything you see or do is black, boring and annoying. The young kids in the family are unmanageable, your work is drudgery, your house is claustrophobic and your relationships superficial and unfulfilling.

Nobody enjoys your company when you are in a “mood”. And you don’t even care. You don’t even like yourself when you’re in a mood and you don’t care, either.

If you are fed up and want to get in control of your moods then say to yourself: “It is no longer acceptable to say: “I am just a moody person. That’s how I am wired.” That is a cop out. Get a life! Let’s make a change here.

Mood swings are part of life but you can take precautions to MANAGE YOUR MOODS so that they are less severe and do not interfere so openly with your daily happiness. Try these strategies:

  1. Get enough sleep. Going on 5 hours is not going to cut it. You may have been able to do it in the past-but you’re older now. You need more sleep to be able to handle life’s pressures effectively. Many researchers have found that lack of sleep is a major contributor to stress in relationships. Try going to sleep earlier for one week-and see the difference. Yes you can!
  2. Eat healthy foods. Get out of the junk food mode. Eat fruit, vegetables, fish, dairy, meat and bread. Cut down on junk food like soft drinks, chips, chocolate bars, pastries, coffee and tea.   Junk food upsets your chemical balance making you more susceptible to mood swings. Real food sustains your chemical balance and allows you to be more in control.
  3. Push yourself to be sociable. Call a friend and go over for a visit. Sitting by yourself and sulking can bring on or intensify your bad mood. This is a matter of choice. Choose to do something about your loneliness.
  4. Be busy. Study, read, exercise, turn off the TV, clean your room or basement, write a letter or a book, organize your photographs in an album, bake a cake for a friend, visit someone in the hospital, visit the old woman down the street and bring her some soup. You have no time to sit around and sulk. Life’s too short!