Rabbi Yisroel Roll, Director of Freedom from Anxiety
Rabbi Yisroel Rollprofile, MS, JD, LCPC-Licensed Clinical Professional Counselor – Maryland, is a psychotherapist in private practice in Baltimore, Maryland, and a world expert specializing in anxiety relief.  He conducts workshops on Overcoming Anxiety, Building Children’s Self-Esteem, Teen Esteem and the Self Esteem Diet–A Pathway to Healthy Living.  He is married with five children. He is the author of Happiness is a Verb, Win the Game of Life and Shut Up and Stay Married. Rabbi Yisroel Roll’s experience as Rabbi, psychotherapist, and educator, brings a wealth of wisdom and insight to the counseling experience. Rabbi Yisroel Roll can be reached at yisroelroll@gmail.com and at 1-800-279-8585