Our Approach

Yisroel Roll's Unique Anxiety Approach Includes Gestalt TherapyWe have developed a unique approach to help clients resolve anxiety and depression using a Gestalt Therapy technique which is a combination of Experiential Therapy and Cognitive Behavioral Therapy.

The goal of therapy is to learn a different way of “being” in the world which bypasses the worries and anxieties which cause racing thoughts, heart palpitations, tension and hyperactivity. Clients may be taking medication for these symptoms or they may not. But medication without learning a new way of “being” is seldom effective.

Our FREEDOM FROM ANXIETY™ program has already helped thousands of people who have been plagued with anxiety–and has given them back control over their emotional selves.

You can learn the 7 steps to anxiety relief by purchasing the online DVD series, Freedom from Anxiety™. You will be able to follow up the techniques with weekly telephone conferences and private sessions with the Director of FREEDOM FROM ANXIETY™, Rabbi Yisroel Roll.