Freedom From Anxiety


Anxiety Video Series - Get Help from the Privacy of Home

Finally, in the privacy of your own home, a system to defeat nervousness, worry and anxiety with world renowned anxiety expert, licensed psychotherapist, Rabbi Yisroel Roll.

  • Are you overwhelmed by the stresses of daily living?
  • Does financial pressure give you chest pain?
  • Do you toss and turn at night before you have to deliver a presentation at work?
  • Do you shut down and feel ashamed when you have to walk into a social situation where you don’t know anyone?

Watch this three minute video and get ready to change your life:

We all see people with self-confidence at work and in social situations and say to ourselves, “I wish I didn’t feel so self-conscious. I want her free-flowing nature. If only….”

Now you can have self-confidence, a new self concept and self-esteem with the revolutionary 3-Part online DVD Series called FREEDOM FROM ANXIETY™.

In this 3-Part DVD Series you will learn revolutionary subconscious mind techniques that you can use TODAY to help you overcome anxiety. Rabbi Yisroel Roll has guided thousands of clients to FREEDOM in private therapy sessions, Skype therapy sessions and live workshops-–and these techniques are available to you NOW by registering for this 3-Part DVD Series called FREEDOM FROM ANXIETY™.

This is a hands on, experiential system that will give you the inner peace, tranquility and self-confidence that you have always dreamed of. From social anxiety, to performance anxiety, to generalized anxiety, you will learn these techniques and be ready to achieve your potential.

How much is emotional liberation worth?

Private therapy sessions cost $150 an hour!    That’s right! You can now have three sessions for a fraction of the cost when you register for FREEDOM FROM ANXIETY™. This is like having your own private therapy session over and over again! Imagine the value of that! Psychologists keep these techniques close to their chest because they want you to attend private sessions and pay high fees, in order to learn these techniques. Rabbi Yisroel Roll believes there is no reason for this. FREEDOM FROM ANXIETY™ can teach you these subconscious techniques today.

The 3-Part DVD Series covers the following topics:


WORKSHOP ONE: Emotional Independence

Learn how to free yourself from emotional pain.

WORKSHOP TWO: Subconscious Success

Techniques that will free your mind from cognitive distortions that cause you to be blocked and hold you back from an anxiety-free life.

WORKSHOP THREE: Choosing Love over Fear

Learn to free yourself from the underlying subconscious causes of your anxiety.

Rabbi Yisroel Roll is a licensed Psychotherapist who treats clients around the world in person and via Skype. Rabbi Yisroel Roll teaches and guides clients with Experiential Therapy techniques which are based on many years of private practice and hundreds of workshops worldwide. Rabbi Yisroel Roll has discovered the common denominator of  the causes of anxiety and he can help you discover that cause, uproot it, and reprogram your subconscious mind to become anxiety-free.

You have watched the FREE VIDEO called Defeat Anxiety Now, on the right side of this page, where Rabbi Yisroel Roll introduced you to two of these experiential techniques which are part of a system to overcome anxiety. You need to access the entire system to become anxiety-free.

Old Patterns Can Be Unlearned

smilingwomanMost people who suffer from anxiety are stuck in old patterns of thinking and responding to stressful situations. You learned to cope with stress and anxiety with unhealthy defense mechanisms. You must change those old patterns by LIBERATING YOURSELF from the unhealthy patterns and LEARN NEW WAYS of thinking and emoting.

Once you learn the techniques Rabbi Yisroel Roll makes himself available for follow-up webinars and private sessions at reasonable rates to deal with specific questions and to help you fine tune the system, if need be.

If you attended three private sessions with a psychotherapist it would cost you $150 per session. This 3-Part DVD Series will cost LESS THAN THAT and will give you the opportunity to work through the techniques in the privacy of your own living room.

Each of the steps in FREEDOM FROM ANXIETY™ builds on the previous steps to create an integrated strategy to overcome anxiety using the mind, emotions and body. Rabbi Yisroel Roll believes that the pressures of your fast-paced life have created undue and unnecessary stress and he wants to help you fight back and gain inner peace and help you take back control of your life.


  • Your self-confidence will soar because your subconscious blocks will be removed.
  • You will find inner peace and serenity because you will learn relaxation and guided imagery techniques.
  • You will learn to access your grounded, peaceful state at will.
  • You will learn to outsmart your anxiety and take back control of your emotional self.
  • You will learn to access your peaceful state and ground yourself.