How to Hit Life’s Curveballs

Learn How to Deal With Adversity with this Self Improvement Audio Series


Are you feeling:

  • Down Self conscious
  • Unhappy Despairing
  • Depressed Defeated
  • Anxious Resentful
  • Worried Annoyed
  • Guilty Lonely
  • Worthless Abandoned
  • Inadequate Rejected
  • Ashamed Unloved
  • Discouraged

What do the best hitters do when they get into a batting slump? Do they stop showing up at the ball park? Do they give up and retire? No. They take a walk on the beach, clear their minds and then get back to batting practice. They reset their minds and try to refocus on the ball as it leaves the pitcher’s hand. That is what we mean when we say: The batter is seeing the ball better, now.When life gets tough– the tough do not get going. They take a step back, reorganize their thoughts and try to figure out what has thrown off their timing…and then they IMPROVE their swing. They fix their batting stance. They recommit to focusing. In other words they see the batting slump as an opportunity to get better.That is the secret of the three part online audio program called How to Hit Life’s Curveballs.

In this three part online audio program you will learn how to handle adversity and how to grow from the experience. You will learn how to reset your mind and refocus on self improvement. You will learn how “not to freak out” when you are in a batting slump. You will learn how to get back into the batter’s box and get out of the slump.

Order the three part series called How to Hit Life’s Curveballs and you will have the tools to ground and center yourself.

How to Hit Life’s Curveballs: 3-part Audio Series $23.97