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Self Help, Marriage and Anxiety Books - Anxiety TherapyBaseball is a metaphor for life. “Look alive;” “Keep your head in the game.” These are metaphors that teach us that focus and concentration, in all areas of life, are the keys to success. “Hustle down the base path,” means you have to take initiative and think one step ahead in order to make it on the basepaths of life. We can learn the most difficult, yet most important
lesson of life:

You are going to strike out. And when you do, don’t throw your bat; don’t give up; and don’t lose your cool. Put your baseball glove on and get back on the field. Look forward to the next inning. You’ll get a hit next time up. Or you won’t. But you have to keep your head up and keep going.

The passion that is baseball is part of our national psyche. This book helps us discover the spirituality of the game and how to harness it and make it work for you, so that you can Win the Game of Life.


Shut Up and Stay Married - A Must Have Book on MarriagePsychotherapist Rabbi Yisroel Roll helps people discover the secret of a successful marriage. The message is simple:It’s not about your spouse or what you can do for your spouse. The secret lies with you. Presents easy to understand, hands-on strategies to breathe new life into relationships. Simple techniques one can use every day to-

  • Find happiness in marriage
  •  Get along without hurting each other
  •  Prevent small arguments from escalating into major blowups
  •  Build an atmosphere of trust in your home
  •  Rekindle the deep feelings spouses once had for one another
  • Feel good about yourself-and your spouse

The same principles-though with different strategies are presented for creating a happy family, empowering kids, and motivate them to thrive.
Rabbi Yisroel Roll, a psychotherapist in private practice, has inspired and helped improve thousands of marriages. A dynamic motivational
speaker, he has presented marriage workshops around the world.