Subconscious Success

Subconscious Success CD Series with Yisroel Roll

The trained therapist in cognitive behavioral therapy serves as a challenge and a catalyst to help you  discover what your subconscious mind is saying to you. The subconscious mind is that part of your psyche which controls and motivates your behavior. The key to therapy is to discover how your subconscious mind works. I can show you how.

Due to your upbringing and past life experiences your subconscious mind draws certain conclusions, mantras and impressions.   Those conclusions may create subconscious fears, anxiety and emotional pain.  Whenever an event happens in our adult lives that triggers a neural pathway or memory in our hidden subconscious mind we may react with disproportionate anger, hurt, anxiety or may even “shut down”.

And we are surprised by the intensity of our reactions. “I just can’t help it”, we say.

Purchase my audio CD Subconscious Success_Unlock your Subconscious self and Win and you will

  • Discover why you react to certain triggers
  • Discover the hot buttons that have made you react unfavorably
  • Discover how you really feel
  • Discover what you really need to do to find success and happiness

Subconscious Success-Unlock the Secret of your Subconscious and Win


Subconscious Success
3-part Audio Series