Success Stories

jennyMy marriage was a mess until I started using the FREEDOM FROM ANXIETY techniques. Almost overnight, things starting calming down because I was less stressed in dealing with my husband and kids. I keep using them and things are improving daily. This week was the best week of my ten year marriage!
Jenny S., San Diego, California

geraldI am an only child and I have always felt self conscious and lonely. Through the FREEDOM FROM ANXIETY techniques I now have a new lease on life. The Freedom techniques have opened up a whole new world for me. Life is brighter because my attitude to life has changed.
Gerald F., London, England

randyMy parents were divorced when I was 15 and it has been a painful skeleton in my closet. Through the FREEDOM FROM ANXIETY system I discovered that I was blaming myself for the divorce and now I have been liberated. I can breathe again.
Randy M., New York, New York

zackI have had an anger management problem all my life. I just kept losing it at the smallest thing and got so mad at myself—and ashamed. I couldn’t stop myself. When I used the FREEDOM FROM ANXIETY techniques I learned what my subconscious trigger was—and The Freedom Program helped me push the reset button. I am now much happier and my family has noticed the change. Thank you for giving me back my life!
Zack M., Miami, Florida

richardI have seen many therapists but could not get a handle on my racing thoughts and anxiety. Talk therapy wasn’t working for me but these experiential techniques have changed the way my emotions work. I have changed myself from the inside, out.
Richard W., Toronto, Canada